Cleanliness is a vital aspect of any business. Your efforts to release quality goods to the market can quickly go down the drain due to poor hygiene. Dirt can compromise the quality of your products, and put off customers who visit your production or service area.

An excellent way to clean your machines off grease and dirt is by the use of a dry ice cleaning service. It is a safe and effective cleaning method that extends the life of your capital investment.

What Is Dry Ice Blasting?

It refers to the use of dry ice for cleaning.

Dry ice isn’t ice. It is carbon dioxide in a solid state, at a temperature of -79 degrees Celsius. The cleaning machine accelerates the dry ice in a pressurized air stream, directing it at the dirty surface.

Once it hits the dirty surface and reaches room temperature, it sublimates into harmless CO2 gas and vanishes in the air. It leaves no residue and dirt falls on the floor where you can easily clean it.

It is an environmentally sustainable cleaning method. There is no need to use specialized breathing equipment because it uses a minimal concentration of carbon dioxide. It also causes no risk of collateral damage to the surrounding structures.

Here are the factors to consider when sourcing a dry ice cleaning service.

1. Their Reputation

The commercial cleaning company you choose will be handling your production equipment, and some could be delicate.

For this reason, you need a contractor who has experience in offering dry ice cleaning services. Check their reputation among the clients they have previously handled. Were they pleased with the company’s services?

Check their reviews on various online review sites. Visit their social media pages and see what people are saying about their services.

2. How Long Have They Been In Business?

Again, you do not want your machines to be in the hands of amateurs. Consider how long they have been in operation and offering dry ice cleaning services. The longer they have been in operation, the better they will be at their job.

While at it, consider if the company you intend to hire has had clients in your industry. For instance, a cleaning company that has only dealt with clients in the automobile industry may not have the required experience with commercial food and beverage producers.

3. Their Resources

Not every commercial cleaning company can handle the workload of your business premises. You need to consider the resources the company has, in terms of employees and dry ice blasting equipment. Compare it to the size of your plant.

A large company will be better at handling a large facility. Carrying out an assessment yourself will be better than enquiring from the company if they are capable of taking the job.

The company may accept and strain to do the job in a bid to avoid losing the job. And of course, the work will not be well done. You should visit the company and make a personal judgment on their capacity.

4. What More Do They Offer Besides the Dry Ice Cleaning Service?

Besides the dry ice cleaning service, what else will the cleaning company offer? Some companies will offer painting, and coating services to give your premises and machines a fresh new look.

If a single company can provide all the cleaning and maintaining services you need, it will be more convenient. It eliminates the risk of having too many service providers handling your equipment.

Make the right choice

All in all, getting a regular dry ice cleaning service is necessary for extending the life of your machine, improving the quality of your products, and protecting your company’s reputation.

But you need to choose the best cleaning company. Ensure that the service providers are well-experienced and have a reputation for delivering excellent services.

They should have the capacity to handle the job size. And if the company offers additional services besides cleaning, that’s a bonus point. Contact Houston Dry Ice Blasting and you are sure of receiving quality services. Houston Dry Ice Blasting has had over 30 years of experience in industrial cleaning. It is proof of the company’s expertise in the field.

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