Factory owners understand the importance of a clean working environment. Due to stringent government regulations, diligent cleanliness has become more of a requirement than just routine. Many factory owners have ditched conventional cleaning methods for dry ice blasting cleaning — which is safer, more efficient, waterless, while being an environmentally sustainable cleaning solution.

In this piece, we’ll highlight some key benefits of employing dry ice blasting cleaning for factory cleaning. But first, let’s discuss what dry ice blasting cleaning involves.

What is Dry Ice Blasting Cleaning?

Every facet of the industrial sector requires cleaning for seamless operation and to meet safety standards. Some of these industrial companies include food and beverage companies, chemicals, foundry, and even power generation companies. Some of these companies, however, cannot use sandblasting or water blasting for their cleaning needs. That’s where dry ice blasting really shines.

Dry ice blasting utilizes dry ice (or frozen carbon dioxide, which is chemically inert) in the form of small pellets. The small pellets are blasted at very high velocity from a nozzle to clean up dirty, grimy, and sooty surfaces. Because of the very low temperature and velocity of the dry ice pellets, the dirt coating experiences thermal shock, causing it to shrink and become brittle. From there, it then cracks almost instantaneously. The velocity causes the coating to shatter and the dirt is carried away by the evaporating dry ice, which vaporizes quickly after contact.

What Are the Advantages of Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting has a great many benefits over other industrial cleaning methods. When you use this method, you’ll obtain a squeaky-clean finish with reduced downtime. Here are some advantages of dry ice blasting for factory cleaning.

  • It’s Sustainable: As the world grows more environmentally conscious, factories are adopting methods that are more environmentally friendly. Dry ice blasting is environmentally sustainable cleaning since it utilizes chemically inert CO2. The entire process is completely free of toxicity and the absence of residue eliminates the need for any washdown or dumping in the environment. Furthermore, dry ice blasting cleaning aligns with all environmental policies stipulated by governing authorities.
  • It’s Safer: A healthy workforce is imperative for the productivity of the industry. The absence of any chemicals cleaning agents in dry ice blasting cleaning makes it safe for your workers to clean effectively without putting their health on the line. The absence of water makes it safe to use around electrical equipment without fear of electrical hazards.
  • It’s More Efficient: Traditional cleaning processes typically require the disassembling or shutting down of factory equipment for thorough cleaning and to prevent damage of machines, which are water-sensitive. These activities are time-consuming and take away from production time, which decreases overall factory output. Dry ice blasting does not require any of disassembling and can also clean liquid-sensitive equipment as effectively as any other cleaning method. Opting for dry ice blasting saves time and decreases the downtime associated with typical factory cleaning, which boosts overall industry productivity.
  • It’s Affordable: Factory owners spend a lot of money to safely dispose of the residue or wash down from the cleaning process, especially since they are required to meet all environmental regulations. Apart from being an environmentally sustainable cleaning solution, CO2 blasting also reduces the overall cost of cleaning and enhances productivity, which could boost your profit margins. The less you have to spend on cleaning, the better your budget will be.
  • It’s Hygienic: Food and beverage companies have to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Because even the slightest contamination could be detrimental to the health of their customers, which in severe cases could lead to the shutdown of operations. Luckily, with dry ice blasting you don’t have to worry about contamination from chemical cleaning agents or residue from cleaning. The absence of toxicity makes dry ice blasting the ideal choice for any food and beverage industry.

Dry ice blasting has many astounding benefits and is arguably the perfect and most effective environmentally sustainable cleaning solution for factories. What’s more, dry ice cleaning services are readily available and are not limited to particular factory types but can be applied in all industries. To learn more, please contact us today.

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