Dry Ice Blasting Industries in Houston, Texas

Dry Ice Basting Services in Texas

Solving difficult cleaning problems is what we do throughout all industries. This is why we continue to invest in the future growth of our company. Safety training, job skills training, and supervisory skills training are also an integral part of this investment, in addition to the specialized tools and equipment. Providing our clients with a quick, environmentally responsible, and technologically advanced solution to the most difficult cleaning challenges, Houston Dry Ice Blasting has been in the business for many years. Our clients and our team will always be protected by meeting or exceeding the highest standards of safety and health at our work site.

Industries We Serve

We offer our dry ice blasting services to many different industries in Texas. Some of those industries include:

  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Beverage Processing
  • General Plant Maintenance

Non-Abrasive Automotive Manufacturing Cleaning

We offer to manufacture cleaning solutions for automotive without abrasiveness, so that dirt, grease, oil, and other contaminants can be removed without any equipment being damaged. You can have your dry ice system cleaned on-line without disassembling it, and we can clean vehicles onsite, ensuring that they will not be damaged upon relocation.

Additional advantages of our manufacturing cleaning solutions include:

  • Completely cleans molds without damage
  • Reduces hourly labor costs for cleaning
  • No secondary waste
  • Reduced down-time
  • Environmentally-responsible
  • Reduces overall cleaning time by up to 80 %

Wine and Beverage Processing

The dry ice blasting services that Houston Dry Ice Blasting provides are ideal for cleaning beverage processing equipment in the beverage production industry. Cleaning wine barrels with our wine barrel cleaning solutions effectively removes crystals, salts, and buildup from presses, plates, and augers without affecting the tolerances or integrity of machine parts.

Solid dry ice pellets are blasted at supersonic speeds during dry ice blasting into the air to clean surfaces. CO2 pellets are safe to use in brewing since they do not scratch, damage or etch the equipment resulting in an ideal cleaning solution. A traditional method of cleaning wine barrels, such as scraping and chiseling to remove stubborn deposits, can leave surface imperfections on the equipment, which can lead to bacterial growth. We do not leave imperfections susceptible to bacterial growth with our cleaning solutions.

Industrial Cleaning Services for General Plant Maintenance

Cleaning production equipment and factories with Houston Dry Ice Blasting’s industrial cleaning services can be carried out quickly and economically during general plant maintenance. A dirty work environment and undue wear and tear on machinery can occur as a result of dirt, soot, grease, and oil that can build up in production facilities. By using dry ice blasting, repair costs can be kept low, reducing the time and cost of removing the build-up.

Solid CO2 pellets are blasted at the surface of the equipment or contaminants to be cleaned by our industrial cleaning solution. Surfaces are cleaned by the pellets by hitting them, which immediately sublimates (changes from solid state to gas phase). A tiny explosion is caused when solid dry ice expands rapidly to gas, loosening the contaminant. It can be cleaned up only once the contaminant is separated.

It’s non-abrasive, and won’t scratch, damage, or etch surfaces. Co2 blasting is also known as Cryogenic Blasting. Dry ice is a better option for cleaning electrical equipment than, for instance, cleaning chemicals, solvents, or lubricants since it uses CO2 ice instead of water, solvents, or lubricants.

We invite you to request a free no-obligation service quote for our dry ice blasting services. To learn more about our dry ice blasting services, we will have our contractors visit your business. We are here to help, so get in touch with us today to discover more about our services.

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