We can provide you with a turnkey solution for your HRSG cleaning!

We can provide you with a turnkey solution for your HRSG cleaning!

Houston Dry Ice Blasting specializes in the following:

  • HRSG Cleaning
  • SCR Catalyst Cleaning
  • CO Catalyst Cleaning and Ammonia Injection Grid Cleaning

All our efforts will be focused on meeting the needs of the plant.

  • In order to complete this project successfully and on time, we will reassess the need for additional manpower or machines.
  • Once all the plant requirements are met, we can begin the cleaning process of your units.

Houston Dry Ice Blasting understands that your project must be completed as soon as possible. Our employees are aware that we are developing revenue-producing equipment, and it is of great importance to us that the project is finished quickly. In order to complete the job safely, we strive to do the best work in the shortest amount of time possible.

Our goal is simple when our team completes an HRSG cleaning…to increase the bottom line of the customer, so they see firsthand the REVENUE they have gained from HRSG cleaning.

Houston Dry Ice Blasting Technology

We are different from other HRSG dry ice blasting companies in that our equipment is much better. With the most advanced and innovative dry ice blasting units on the market today, Houston Dry Ice Blasting has the solutions you require!

The most advanced machinery and cutting-edge dry ice blasting equipment are used for dry ice blasting.

  • In comparison to a two-hose system, the Houston Dry Ice Blasting system uses a single hose. Ice is propelled by the single hose system at 900 fps, which are the fastest speed and most powerful ice blasting machines around.
  • An advantage of the single-hose system is that the length of the hose is not a limitation. With a dual hose system, your production slows down as you get further from the unit because the volume of water coming out of the nozzle is severely limited.
  • In addition, we have a wide array of customized nozzles to choose from. As a result, better results are achieved by cleaning specific areas and angles.

By using better technology, you will be able to achieve better results, hence being better for the environment!

Dry Ice Blasting and HRSG Cleaning

  • An HRSG must be cleaned properly to decrease backpressure that and increase heat transfer.
  • The fin tubes will be better cleaned by utilizing high pressure.
  • 350 PSI at 1300 CFM compressor exclusively.
  • Each tube lane needs to be addressed with proper planning.
  • The proper time management will allow our team the ability to work efficiently.
  • Houston Dry Ice Blasting ture before and after along with an inspection of the borescope after cleaning to make sure nothing was overlooked.

Dry Ice Blasting and Tube Lane Manipulation

This is the last dry ice blasting nozzle that uses dry ice on the backside of those tube bundles. This is how Houston Dry Ice Blasting prides itself on putting dry ice on the backside of tube bundles.

  • To gain access to the deepest parts of the tube bundle, tube lane manipulation is used. A custom nozzle assembly is inserted to blow high-velocity air to ensure the tubes in the open lane are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Having cleaned and inspected each lane, we moved onto the next lane and repeated the cleaning and inspection process.

Don’t hesitate to contact Dry Ice Blasting Houston for your no-cost and no-obligation service quote for any HRSG cleaning services. Contact us today to learn more about our cleaning options for your HRSG business. Our staff will visit your office to discuss your options. We’re here to help, so give us a call.