Ice blasting can be the perfect cleaning solution for a wide range of cleaning needs. Dry ice pressure washing is an environmentally sustainable cleaning method.

Understanding the value of this process can help you to make an informed choice. Not every commercial cleaning company offers this process, but they should.

What is Ice Blasting?

Ice blasting is a process that uses compressed air with PSI between 80-90. Small pellets of ice are projected at the surface that is to be cleaned. The process sounds harsh, but it can be used for tasks that require gentle care like removing damage from smoke on books, but it also has the power to remove slag from tooling.

It is an environmentally friendly cleaning process that does not contain contaminants nor potential harmful solvents. It does not leave any grit behind and is an approved method for the food and beverage industry.

Other benefits of this process include:

  • No need for disassembly
  • Safe for mechanical and electrical parts
  • Wide ranging list of agents that it can clean

Dry ice blasting cleaning can clean most items as is, where is. There is no need to spend time disassembling equipment. The right dry ice cleaning machine operated by an experienced operator can get into all the nooks and crannies without disassembly.

Safe for All Types of Equipment

This cleaning process is ideal for electrical and mechanical equipment. Unlike other pressure washing methods, there is no fire hazard associated with ice blasting. This can be the right solution for all your equipment cleaning needs.

What Can Ice Blasting Clean?

This cleaning process can help to remove, contaminants, oils and paints, biofilms, production residue and more. It is a highly effective cleaning method that can quickly get many different surfaces clean and debris free.

Is It Right for Your Cleaning Needs?

If you are searching for an effective cleaning method that is also environmentally friendly, ice blasting may be just the solution that you have been searching for. This safe, effective process can exceed your expectations.

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