Most manufacturers require foolproof machine-cleaning methods in order to roll out clean, nontoxic products and stay in compliance with federal regulations related to consumer safety. This is especially relevant to manufacturers of food products or any appliances related to producing or preparing food.
Since water blasting and sand blasting, both traditional methods of industrial cleaning, can leave behind debris or damage, enter dry ice cleaning services. The method of dry ice cleaning can be sterile and is very clean and clear of clutter, making it an efficient tool for heat exchanger cleaning services. Learn more about dry ice blasting and why it is superior to all other commercial cleaning methods.

More Efficient Cleaning

Dry ice isn’t actually ice; it’s solid carbon dioxide. this solid is formed and cooled down to 79 degrees C, and it’s preserved at that level for specialized industrial purposes. those purposes typically include cleaning or shipping products.
Where cleaning is concerned, dry ice blasting equipment polishes and cleans industrial machinery and products at supersonic speeds. What can be cleaned within hours with a sand blaster can be transformed to a like-new state with a dry ice cleaning machine in minutes. Of course, since efficiency and timeliness are paramount in virtually every industry, working with a team of dry ice blasting contractors can be a major asset to a manufacturer.

Environmentally Sound

It is in a manufacturer’s best interest to create products and use processes that are eco-friendly. Industrial manufacturers are traditionally known to be creators of pollution in massive proportions. Part of the pollution problem has to do with cleaning procedures and the disposal of waste. With dry ice cleaning, the process is drastically more refined and much less prone to scattering debris. Dry ice does not need to be put to waste, and the cleaning machines used do not need as much cleaning themselves as other more traditional industrial cleaning equipment does.
Not only is the process of dry ice blasting kinder to the environment, but everything, from the dry ice itself to the intricate machinery, can be recycled and repurposed. This gives the equipment a much longer lifespan.

Some Industries Can Only Rely On Dry Ice Blasting

Some manufacturing companies can only rely on specialized, truly clean maintenance services. Food equipment, for instance, cannot be cleaned with a sand blaster. HVAC and space heater manufacturers, in turn, must rely on heat exchanger cleaning services that don’t use water. Dry ice is the perfect cleaning solution for almost any industry. Additionally, it is the only option for more specialized industries that deal with food, flammable particles, or equipment and substances that might otherwise be damaged by water.

Final Thoughts

Does your company need heat exchanger cleaning services or other industrial cleaning services that require the use of dry ice? If so, contact us to learn how our process and our unique capabilities can fit your needs.

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